46″ LCD Video Wall Panels

The ViewTV 46″ LCD Video Wall panel is our most common and cost effective Video Wall panel available.

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  • Description

    The ViewTV 46″ super narrow bezel video wall panel provides professional-grade high-definition image quality, uniform brightness, and consistent color expression and accuracy. Deliver sharp visual messages in the world’s most commanding atmospheres – from control rooms to large public venues to high street retail spaces.

    Combine any number of panels in either Landscape or Portrait orientation to create any size or shape Video Wall. All our Video Wall panels come with our 6-way perfect fit brackets, signals splitters and RS232 matrix controllers.



    •  Consistent display clarity and performance in any operational environment with a reinforced weather-resistant panel that deters heat, moisture and dust

    •  Premium anti-glare polarization helps avoid distractions and reach audiences by minimizing color changes that might occur due to external light and background reflection

    •  24/7 operation and dependability with prevention technology restricting panel blackening even after long periods of use

    •  Highly resistant to image sticking, allowing for distortion- and distraction-free viewing

    •  Low power consumption

  • Additional information

    1025 W x 580 H x 135 D (46" Diagonal)


    35 kgs (including bracket)


    HDMI, VGA, DVI, DP, BNC, RS232, Audio In


    RS232, Audio Out


    1920 px x 1080 px (Full HD)