Stretched Digital Signage Displays

ViewTV design and manufacture a large range of custom Indoor and Outdoor Commercial and Industrial grade Digital Signage Displays including our 32:9 ratio stretched display.

  • Description

    All ViewTV Commercial and Industrial grade displays are IP & IK rated and built to run 24/7 with long life power supplies, powder coated steel cases, anti reflective display faces, built-in audio and RS232 connections within concealed patch panels.

    Custom heavy duty brackets, single or dual sided options, no branding or IR remote sensors, stainless steel fixings along with temperature controlled and monitored hardware completes our bullet proof and fit for purpose design.

    Do not confuse our professional Commercial and Industrial grade displays with cheap commercial lite, Chinese low grade imports or consumer grade displays.

  • Additional information

    920 W x 300 H x 80 D (37.5" Diagonal)


    35 Kgs


    VGA, HDMI, RS232, Audio In, 230V Power


    RS232, Audio Out


    800 – 3200 Nits


    5000:1 CR


    1920 x 540 (Full HD)